The Community Care Clinic exists to provide temporary family medicine services to anyone who requires it and is intended to be a shared practice.

If you continue to access services here, you will eventually meet several physicians who work fly-in-fly-out on rotation. Your file, records, and results will be maintained at the clinic regardless of which physician you see ensuring that you can access both quality and timely care.

If you decide that you would prefer to work with a single provider, you can request your file be transferred to another clinic at any time.

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Where to Look for More Information?

If you are looking for more information on  pregnancy, you can visit the following websites:

Prenatal Testing Timeline

6 – 8Dating Ultrasound
6 – 12Provincial Blood Work
Routine Blood Work
11w2d – 12w6d*Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound
1st Trimester Genetic Testing
12 – 16Urine Culture
15w0d-20w6d*Quad Screen (required only if the 1st trimester genetic screening test was not completed)
Alpha Fetoprotein
18 – 20Anatomy Ultrasound
24 – 28Routine 2nd Trimester Blood Work
Gestational Diabetic Screen
75 Glucose Tolerance Test (necessary if Gestational Diabetic Screen is positive)
28 – 32Rhogam Injection (only necessary if Rh Negative Blood Type)
36 – 40Referral to Obstetrics and Gynecology


I think I’m pregnant.
What do I do now?

Visit us twice as a walk-in: first to receive a requisition for blood testing and then to review your results.
If confirmed positive, follow up by booking a “First Prenatal Visit.”

What testing is needed and where do I do it?

Please see the above timeline for all routine testing.

Bloodwork is completed at Dynalife Medical Labs. Ultrasounds are done at Insight Medical Imaging. See locations listed below.

What if I miss the dates for specific testing?

Discuss what can be done with the physician. Sometimes testing can occur early, late, or not at all.

Can I get a copy of my results?

Yes, after your results have been reviewed by a doctor, you can take a print out. Please inquire at reception for details.

I want to see an obstetrician; can you refer me?

Local obstetricians accept routine prenatal visits at 36 weeks. Only if there are complications during your pregnancy will an early referral be made.

What is routine follow up?

Routine follow up is every 4 weeks up until 28 weeks; every 2 weeks up until 36 weeks; and then weekly thereafter.